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2018 FIFA World Cup Jerseys and Gear

With soccer's biggest tournament drawing closer every day, make sure to get the best FIFA World Cup jerseys and gear to support your country!

The world's biggest sporting event is almost here. No, I'm not talking about the World Series or the Super Bowl, I am referring to the World Cup. Hundreds of millions of people from around the globe tune in every four years to watch 32 countries battle it out for footballing supremacy. 

There are iconic and controversial moments surrounding every World Cup, making it the perfect sporting event to watch. Check out the best FIFA World Cup jerseys and gear so that you can support your team when the world's biggest party kicks off!

Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Home Jersey 2018 by Nike

Let's start with one of the best Real Madrid players of all time, shall we? Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the two biggest names in world football, everyone knows who he is. He has insane skills, has almost every trophy imaginable, has and a legion of dedicated fans. 

If you are a fan of CR7 and want to show your support during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, I can think of no better way than grabbing his jersey. The home and away jerseys for Portugal are both nice, but I prefer the red home ones a bit more.

Lionel Messi Argentina Home Jersey 2018 by Adidas

If you can't stand CR7, then you probably support Lionel Messi. Don't worry, one of the best soccer forwards of all time obviously has a section of the best FIFA world cup jerseys and gear under his name. I would recommend the Argentina Home Jersey by Adidas. It's simple, stylish, and has the famous Messi name above his #10.

Not only are Messi and Ronaldo rivals, but their sponsors are rivals as well. Nike and Adidas are the two most popular soccer gears supplies, much like the Portuguese and Argentinian are in the world of football. So whoever you support, be sure to grab their jersey and let everyone know which fandom you are a part of. 

Hypervenom Phantom III Pro DF FG by Nike

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia coming at light speed, Nike decided to launch a new "Just Do it" World Cup boot pack. The pack contains several different models, one of them being the new Hypervenoms. Designed with forwards in mind, these cleats were made to help you skip past defenders and make runs into the box. 

Weighing only 8.6 ounces, it will feel like you are playing with clouds on your feet. A mesh surrounds the bottom portion of your foot, completely wrapping it for maximum comfort. The ankle portion features a dynamic fit collar that hugs your ankle and will aid your ball control. If you like scoring goals, these are the cleats for you.

Lunar LegendX 7 Pro IC by Nike

If indoor soccer is more your speed, Nike has you covered also. The Lunar LegendX's are made with a rubber outsole, which makes them perfect for indoor soccer league surfaces. It also offers foam cushioning and leather construction for a solid balance between comfort and performance. Suitable for all positions, these soccer shoes are the real deal.  

Antoine Griezmann France Home Jersey 2018 by Nike

Oh look, one of the best players in Spain not named Messi or Ronaldo. The striker for Atletico Madrid and France, Antoine Griezmann may not reach the same level as the other two players mentioned above but being just a shade under them is an accomplishment in itself. The fact that he's made a name for himself in Spain with the two best players in the world there is another accomplishment.

Oh, and he doesn't have the supporting casts of Real Madrid or Barcelona. Yeah, he's pretty good. Out of the all the best FIFA world cup jerseys and gear, the Griezmann jersey may be the move. It has the iconic #7, has one of the best players in the world on it, and you can't beat the French colors. Nike just knows what they're doing when it comes to jerseys. 

Germany Away Jersey 2018 by Adidas

While the Germany Home Jersey by Adidas can be counted as part of the gold standard of FIFA world cup jerseys and gear, I may prefer their other design a tad more. The design, the color, the Adidas stripes on the shoulder, I am a fan of every aspect of the appearance. The Germans will be looking to repeat their 2014 World Cup victory. While it will be an incredibly difficult road, we now know they will be at least dressed for the part.

Mercurial Superfly VI Pro FG by Nike

Another design from the World Cup pack from Nike, the Superfly's are just that, super fly. Terrible world play that even my dad would cringe at aside, these cleats would suit wingers and full-backs best. They were created with speed in mind, so anyone who plans on flying up and down the wings should think about getting a pair. 

The Chevron studs provide great traction, especially when you're accelerating and making quick lateral movements on firm ground. The dynamic fit collar is smaller than on most other models, giving you more range of motion with your ankles. Add on to that a micro-texture that helps your touch and dribbling ability at high speeds, and you have a perfect cleat for speedsters.

Nigeria Home Jersey by Nike

If you're searching for the best FIFA World Cup jerseys and gear, you've arrived at the peak. Undoubtedly one of the top ten kits from the FIFA World Cup in 2018, the Nigerian Home Jersey puts all the other 2018 kits to shame. Every other shirt worn at the 2018 FIFA World Cup was playing for second place when this jersey dropped. 

The green, white, and black color scheme is not the easiest to pull of but Nike has accomplished that and then some. Does it get any better than that design? No, the answer is no. At this point, though I'd like to see them do well, it doesn't even matter how far Nigeria advances, they're already winners once they put those jerseys on.

Boys Soccer World Cup Emblem Tee by Adidas

For those of you who love soccer but your country didn't make the cut—it's okay America, we'll be back—the World Cup emblem t-shirt is your best option. Available in red and white, this shirt is officially licensed by FIFA and has the design for Russia front and center. While it's not a shirt worn by any of the teams playing, this can serve as a great training shirt. Available in sizes from small to extra large, almost everyone can enjoy this offering from Adidas.

Telstar 18 World Cup Soccer Ball by Adidas

What's the point of having the best FIFA World Cup jerseys and gear if you can't play in the end? You'll need the official World Cup match ball to put your other equipment to good use. The Telstar 18 by Adidas has the 2018 FIFA World Cup insignia on it and is the sleekest ball you can get. 

Additionally, it's been designed for reduced water absorption and provides a small level of friction to keep it from slipping and sliding too much. The perfect ball for all weather conditions, be as much like the pros as you can by using the same exact ball.

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2018 FIFA World Cup Jerseys and Gear
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