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10 Reasons You Should Date a Soccer Player

Feel like soccer will get in the way of your relationship? It won't, and I'm telling you this because these are the real reasons why you should date a soccer player.

Soccer is an interesting sport with a pretty complex concept. But you know what else is interesting? The sexy players out on the field. Honestly, some of us only watch soccer to get a good look at these players. The shape of their toned bodies, their phenomenal footwork with the ball, and their amazing butts... Anyways, soccer players are pretty unique in so many ways. While they love everything and anything about soccer, they also hold loving relationships with family, friends, and their significant other. They're not just devoted to the sport, so never assume that he'll have zero time for you. Soccer players can balance out their sport and personal life, just like how they perfectly balance the soccer ball on their foot.

Now that we know soccer players are amazing, these are the actual reasons to date a soccer player. And they don't mainly revolve around their delicious bodies, but their personality, too! Hell, they might even be the best partner you'll have.

Soccer players are attractive. Period.

I'm going to start off with the obvious and we all know this, but soccer players are fuckin' attractive individuals. There, I said it for the 30th time. While their appearance can certainly strike you, it's also the fact that they play soccer is really appealing. When you know someone plays soccer, they're automatically attractive. Like... that's it.

You know they're very skillful, toned up, and super athletic as a whole. It's like putting a cherry on top of a sundae. Boom—hot. If you're interested in someone from the get-go, and you just discovered that they play soccer, the attractive meter goes shooting through the roof. No one can deny this, I don't care. 

They take you to fun soccer games.

Easily one of the best reasons to date a soccer player is that they take you to really fun soccer games! Even if you're not the slightest interested in the sport, it's just being in the presence of wild, drunk fans tearing their shirts apart when their favorite team scores a goal. The atmosphere is lively, and no one should say no to a soccer game!

Even if your partner is deeply into the soccer match and is barely giving you any attention, hey, at least he brought you along with him. Plus, while he's fully indulged in the game, you can sit back, eat great food, and drink great alcohol.

They eat pretty healthy.

If you're attempting to eat more healthy, your partner can definitely help you out with that. Not only should you date a soccer player because their meal plans are in tip top shape, but they can help you get in the same rhythm, too. Especially if you're thinking about eating more healthy, I guarantee they'll guide you. They even know exactly what to eat before a soccer game.

From healthy breakfasts to limited snacks and portion control, eating healthy with someone helps getting used to the process even better. When you know that someone is on the same route as you, it's more bearable. You're basically not alone, and it's like having a nutritionist by your side!

Soccer players are really... really fit.

When I say soccer players have the sickest body, their bodies are friken sick. Since they play soccer, they pretty much have to maintain a fit body in order to play properly and avoid getting an injury. So, they work out often, maintaining their really... hot... bodies.

But, this is also another great reason to date a soccer player, they'll push you to work out, too! Couples who work out together are the ultimate goals, and I'm sure your partner would want you to have a toned and healthy body, as well. They'll motivate you, push you, and cheer for you when working out together. Also, having a work out buddy makes working out a more fun experience.

They have great self-esteem.

I've never seen anyone with a higher self-esteem than soccer players. They're not cocky or conceited, but never bring themselves down over stupid things. They'll push themselves to try harder, believing in themselves into doing anything. So, when soccer players have great self-esteem, it means that they have full trust in themselves—and this is an important factor in soccer. 

Soccer players should naturally have high self-esteem or else they wouldn't be able to try hard during matches. And just seeing your partner being proud of himself can also rub off on you, causing you to become more like them and boosting your own self-esteem.

Their skills will blow your mind.

Soccer players are insanely skillful when it comes to the sport. They possess amazing footwork and trained themselves to master tricks with the ball with their feet. They can dodge opposing players on the field while obtaining the ball, do crazy soccer ball tricks, and strike curve balls right into the goal. All completely mind blowing.

While they're skillful on the field, just imagine in bed? Definitely a great reason to date a soccer player, their skills exceed every time they play. And you'll never, ever get tired of watching them play and use their talent in the game.

They're genuinely friendly!

Soccer players are most likely in a team and are friends with everyone. They get along, practice with each other, and cooperate with each other in order to win matches. So, soccer players are genuinely friendly, because they're constantly around people and communicating.

This also affects their personal lives, too. The kind and warmheartedness from soccer players are rubbed off on nearly anyone they come contact to. They're super sweet, caring, and considerate, and when you date a soccer player, you get to experience their friendly side, along with their really competitive side, too. 

They can manage their time precisely.

Soccer players can 100 percent manage their time to a T. Since they always have to meet up for practice or matches on a certain time, they actually show up early for them to warm up. This also goes for dates and other outings when meeting up with each other.

A soccer player will almost always be somewhere way earlier than the scheduled time simply because they're used to it from soccer. This means that they'll never be late and leaving you hanging. They're consistent with their timing and won't let you down!

There is less drama.

Oh yes, there is a whole lot less drama when you date a soccer player. In the majority of relationships, there have to be a few drama incidents that occur. While we absolutely hate it, it'll sometimes eventually pass by. But when dating a soccer player, there's literally no drama happening.

While soccer players do play with soccer balls, they'll never play with your heart. Like I've mentioned before, they're very friendly and are always consistent with their timing, meaning they'll never leave you hanging and they'll tell you whenever they feel that there's something wrong. He has all the time to play around in matches, but when it comes to a relationship, there's no game in that.

They will certainly fight for you.

Finally, from the reasons to date a soccer player is that they'll always fight for you. Since playing soccer is very competitive, it's like going into battle. It's either give it your all, or don't even bother. Both soccer matches and relationships are like that.

If they really want you in their life, they won't stop fighting for you. They'll try their best to maintain and keep the relationship alive. But if things go wrong and you reject them, they'll easily take the loss just like losing in a match. They simply have to accept it. 

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10 Reasons You Should Date a Soccer Player
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